How Pandora Jewelry Help Me Win My Girl’s love

Not long ago, when I was a college student, I fell in love with a girl. That was a plain morning I was going to read in the reading classroom. Suddenly, she came into my eyes. So beautiful, so gender, that my attention was trapped into her body deeply and toughly. So I ran to my friends to ask him that how could I win her back.

“That’s easy.” My friends answered, “You know what, that all girls are fond of beautiful things. You can buy something expensive or beautiful to her, and she must be yours from then on.” Listened what he said, I trapped into deep thinking. What could I do? All of a sudden, I saw an advertisement in the street about Pandora jewelry. As their propaganda, once you buy Pandora, your dream would come true, and your loving would come to you. Yes, that’s exactly what I want!

But before I bought it for her, I dated her to have a coffee in somewhere and she agreed very quickly. It was because she agreed so quick that we had a very good conversation. When I talked about the Pandora jewelry, I could perceive that her eyes became bright and she told me that was her long dream to own one Pandora jewelry. However, so poor as her family, she could only bury this dream into her dream, and hoped one day she could earn it by her own hands. What a good girl! I signed.

After knowing that, I went to prepare. In the jewelry shop, I chose a biggest Pandora jewelry and asked the staff to package in a beautiful box. Also, I added my paper in the box. In the paper, I wrote to her, I loved you so much, would you like to be my princess? Then, the box was couriered to her.

One day, two days, three days…I waited for the reply so hard. Finally, in the night of the third day, she answered me in We-chat. I could not forget that moment all my life. At that moment, she just said two words, but I thought it as two thousands, even two million words to me. She said that, I do. You know, I felt I was the happiest guy in the world right in that moment. Then I ran to her house and she had waited for me there. We happily hugged together.

The company culture of PANDORA

As one of the world’s leading Jewelry manufacturers, PANDORA has more than 12,000 craftsmen, a wholly owned Jewelry factory in Gemopolis, Bangkok, and a new production center in South Korea in early 2017.When Per Enevoldsen set up its first small factory in Thailand in 1989, he set up several systems and processes to meet growing demand while continuing to produce high quality handmade jewelry at reasonable prices.

As for the working environment , the welfare system, health, safety and environmental standards and energy management measures, PANDORA is committed to practicing ethical standards in business activities.

For PANDORA, the jewelry production business and corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities are complementary. PANDORA strives to take measures to reduce its impact on the Earth’s environment. PANDORA’s value chain includes ethical behavior in the development and procurement of suppliers, the safe production of Jewelry, and take to take responsible marketing and sales practices for approximately 8,100 points of sale in more than 100 countries around the world .

The PANDORA Code of Ethics is a policy of responsibility for the entire group, and all policies and commitments in the field of business ethics, health and safety, human rights, environmental impact and responsible supplier relations are open to the public. PANDORA is a member of the United Nations Global Compact and an advanced corporate social responsibility promotion agency in the jewelry industry – a certified member of the Responsible Jewelery Board (RJC).

In October 2016, environmental protection production center officially has unveiled by PANDORA . The LEED-certified production center is built in the southbound area of northern Thailand to help PANDORA reduce the total amount of water and energy consumed by the unit of production and the greenhouse gas emissions.