How to distinguish between true and false Pandora jewelry?

Pandora jewelry use high-quality sterling silver and 14k gold as the material, with more than 700 kinds of gold, silver hanging plutonium with, swap, optional plutonium, including a wide range of precious stones, pearls, enamel and Murano glass products. Each product is handmade to maintain Pandora’s high quality standards.

With the strong development in recent years, Pandora has become the world’s third-largest jeweler, is also the world’s largest gold and silver jewelry manufacturers. Pandora jewelry in a beautiful way to capture the memorable moments of life, to create a magnificent, exquisite jewelry, which won the favor of consumers around the world .

Pandora is a specialized brand of jewelry, have a high rating around the world, many people are willing to buy it, therefore, to a lot of fake and shoddy products are producted. So, how do consumers learn to identify the ture Pandora when they buy?

1, whether the lettering is clear, whether in the same arc, as well as the use of materials and weight.

2, lettering “s925″ gap problem: fake s and s925 between each word are empty evenly, the gap between each word is particularly uniform is fake; the letter s and the number 925 of the actually is a slight gap between the other gaps, like a space.

3, the number of sections have a unified standard, from the cut should not be assigned that which manufacturers are produced.

4, we can not distinguished by the depth of lettering. The fake Pandora beads on the market some have deep shallow,some have the low shallow, but the radians are more blunt, glass and silver tube fit is not high, there will be a lot of gap.

The reason why PANDORA is so popurlar

Danish jewelery brand Pandora jewelry is famous around the world for creating a charming high-quality jewelry, is the world , it ‘s third largest saler of jewelry brand. Pandora jewelry capture the unforgettable moments of life in a beautiful way to, to create a magnificent, exquisite jewelry, which won the favor of consumers around the world.

PANDORA praises the unique qualities of women, through the rich choice, high quality, affordable price of modern style jewelry, to provide women an opportunity to express themselves. PANDORA jewelry have a soft design, rich style, with different occasions, so that women show personal style, record the memorable moments of life, tell them the values of cherished.

Pandora jewelry launched the pendant bracelet which is popular around the world in 2000 and achieve a major breakthrough. For that PANDORA change its development of the direction, to a different concept of the patent: the customer can choose their own pendants and bracelets, the combination of exclusive personalized bracelet the concept of Pandora is “to create a beautiful workmanship, charming and moving, full of contemporary flavor of the combination of jewelry,” and set the unique signs of Pandora jewelry in the formation of this concept.

Pandora jewelry not only sale bracelets, there are ring, necklace, earrings. For modern fashion women, if they spend a little thought, take a clever choice for their temperament and style of jewelry, create their own personal taste, that is the key to find self-confidence and success.

To pursuit the beauty and good things ,is a concept that we should keep In mind. In the minds of me, Pandora’s design is unable to match with some of the classic jewelry temporarily, but it can give each jewelry unique personality. the meaning of each bead and the process of picking into the box, is what I enjoy Pandora.