Special Pandora’s string

What is a luxury brand? A very expensive international brand? Not really. Luxury brand must first have a unique brand concept; Secondly, its goods must have a high artistic value; and that two rdetermine the market price of their goods.

Many people do not understand a small bead of Pandora jewelry will be so expensive? It is necessary that tell you the idea of Pandora .reek mythology Pandora’s box ,I think there are a lot of people know. Pandora opened the her box that the god given because of the curiosity, released the pain, disease and demons. Fortunately, she closed the box in time, will hope to stay in the box. So Pandora jewelry also represents the luck and hope.

Lucky and hope is the need for people to create their own. Pandora jewelry design personalized jewelry for woman, women can follow their own ideas to create any Pandora jewelry appearance combination.

To strangle a Pandora’s chain is not just to chain the own beads . the chain must have some special beads to play a specific role. A variety of round beads in the photo are called fixed clip .This kind of beads can be opened to close the clip, buckle in the chain of nodes will not slide, and used to prevent other beads running around in the chain. If buckle in the other areas of the chain, he can be as a common bead, free to slide. Especially some fragile glass beads on the edge can be fixed with a fixed clip.

In Pandora’s promotional photos , we can see a lot of strings on the chain of the buckle .It consists of two beads to connected, its name is called the safety chain, in fact it is used to prevent wearing beads when the beads fall. In addition, it also added to the whole chain a bit drape beauty.

The Famous jewelry brand Pandora

I believe there are many women like to wear jewelry or collecte jewelry, in many jewelry brands,do you ever know Pandora ? Pandora beads is a new jewelry, her name Pandora in mythology means the existence of evil in the world, so just to hear the name, we will be attracted by its mystery, which is a fashion, classic, Noble jewelry.

In 1982, Pandora jewelry was founded in Denmark. Its bracelet was Launched in 2000 is popular around the world ,because it can help women to achieve a the outstanding performance among the crowd, they “design” their own jewelry, to express their own personality.

The bracelet use high-quality sterling silver and 14k gold as the material, with more than 700 kinds of gold, silver hanging plutonium with, swap, optional plutonium, including a wide range of precious stones, pearls, enamel and Murano glass products. Therefore, no matter you choose a simple heart-shaped, gorgeous gems, acronyms, teddy bear or other signs, you always get a distinctive effect with the personality, telling the story of yourself.

Each product of Pandora bracelet are handmade, maintaining the high quality standards and Pandora with its own strength, has become the world’s third largest jeweler, Pandora bracelet Not only high quality, but also very exquisite.

What is the meaning of Pandora bracelet? According to legend, Vulcan Hephaestus created a beautiful woman Pandora, and get Pandora can easily be tempted to mortal. The goddess of charm gave Pandora Heffistus a necklace which created by Heffistus. Zeus gave Pandora a box, but could not let her open, and then sent her to the world. But Pandora or could not help but open, then let the pain of human disease, demons, etc. from the box to escape. Fortunately, the last box there is a beautiful wizard, on behalf of hope and opportunities.